The Library “La Maison des savoirs” opens up to the management of Electrical and Electronic Waste

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This Friday, May 13, 2022, the public library “La Maison Des Savoirs“, located at the Etoudi sand deposit in the city of Yaoundé, served as a framework for the sensitization of young children on the management of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). This public is a full-fledged citizen who is an important relay for the implementation of actions in favour of Sustainable Development and the protection of our environment, which are universal issues.

It was a moment of education and sharing with the children of the Etoudi neighbourhood.

We talked to about thirty children, aged between 2 and 13 years old, about ecological waste management, mainly Electrical and Electronic Waste, through selective waste sorting.

Without moving, the children were able to visit the Solidarité Technologique recycling centre and discover the process of treating electrical and electronic waste.

Séance de sensibilisation des enfants- Maison du Savoir
Séance de sensibilisation des enfants- Maison du Savoir
Séance de sensibilisation des enfants- Maison du Savoir
Children’s awareness session – Maison du Savoir
Photo de famille - Maison du Savoir
Family photo – Maison du Savoir

This awareness-raising action could be repeated quite often with a public of various ages. In addition, the Maison Des Savoirs has been set up as a collection point for WEEE, available to the people of the Etoudi district.

This awareness-raising, welcomed with enthusiasm by the children, equips them with tools and skills that will enable them to contribute to the fight against global warming while protecting their environment and their health. They will thus become eco-responsible citizens.