Labour Day 2022: Solidarité Technologique celebrates its employees

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This May 1st 2022, Solidarité Technologique joined the rest of the international community to celebrate the 136th International Labour Day under the theme “World of Work: Fighting against Covid-19, safeguarding jobs and productivity“.

As with the two previous editions, due to the health context marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, this celebration was held in compliance with the barrier measures.

The esplanade of the Solidarité Technologique association was the setting for this celebration by and for the employees.

On this occasion, the ceremony was presided over by the Director of Solidarité Technologique, whose welcoming words officially marked the beginning of the celebration. He took the time to congratulate the employees for their dedication and tenacity in the face of the company’s challenges and encouraged them for the future.

A moment of relaxation!

The employees took it in turns to perform on stage, to play the ‘untold’ game and to compete in a diction contest.

It was a very entertaining and convivial moment between the employees.

Prestations scéniques des employés 1
Prestations scéniques des employés 2
Prestations scéniques des employés 3
Stage performances by employees
Match des incollables 1
Match des incollables 2
Reflexion game

Even the rain was present at the festivities, but this did not spoil the atmosphere which was very warm among the employees.

The event ended with a meal shared between the employees and the guests invited for the occasion.

Partage du repas
Sharing the banquet