Advanced KAÏZEN: Solidarité Technologique in its continuous quality and productivity improvement process

Personnel de Solidarité Technologique en pleine imprégnation sur les outils du KAÏZEN avancé

In its process of promoting the advanced KAÏZEN concept in Africa, JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency), in partnership with MINPMEESA, has undertaken to mentor some SMEs in Cameroon. Thus, Solidarité Technologique was selected with several others by the KAÏZEN Project. These SMEs will host the Cameroonian KAÏZEN consultants trained for this support during the period from 01 to 05 March 2021. This project aims to improve the quality and productivity of enterprises simply by a participatory change in the way they work.

Solidarité Technologique goes for advanced KAIZEN

During his stay at Solidarité Technologique, the KAÏZEN consultant accompanied the quality committee under the supervision of the Director in the realisation of the following tasks

  • Revitalisation of the quality committee
  • Relaunch of the 5S/KAÏZEN approach in the dismantling and reconditioning sections of the ST workshop
  • Raising awareness of Covid-19 control activities
  • Implementation of a stock management analysis at Solidarité Technologique
  • Implementation of a SWOT analysis of Solidarité Technologique’s activities and application of the “5 Whys” method to one of the weaknesses identified in the SWOT analysis
  • Selection of the 5S themes and the KAÏZEN themes
  • Application of the lay-out tool (process improvement) to the dismantling sub-section

Restitution of the work

A presentation of the results of the current week’s activities was made to the employees, followed by exchanges and contributions. The working team consisting of the KAÏZEN consultant and the ST quality committee then proceeded to the elaboration of mini-action plans for the realisation of the KAÏZEN themes. The activities ended with an exchange and fine-tuning between the KAÏZEN consultant and the Director of Solidarité Technologique on the action plans and sustainability activities.